Global claims recovery, simplified

The international healthcare claims process is complicated. Sunbelt Internaional ensure accurately processed claims and accelerated payments while ensuring a positive patient financial experience.

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76+ million international travelers make the US a destination. Some will make a detour to the Emergency Department and only 50% will be insured. While international patients are more profitable, navigating complex emergent claims and patient self-pay balances presents unique collections challenges.
Sunbelt International simplifies the international accounts receivables process, helping hospitals, specialty physician practices, and revenue cycle management companies accelerate payment and optimize reimbursement while ensuring a culturally-sensitive patient financial experience.
Our service offerings allow clients to customize their engagement based on individual provider needs and may include the following deliverables:


Comprehensive claims submission management

Patient Advocacy

Multi-lingual patient services and support to help patients understand their payment obligations, encourage third-party payer resources, and reduce denials

Payment Recovery

Drive third-party-payer accountability with extensive international payer oversight and management, including contract negotiation, adjudication, and continuous Service Level Agreement monitoring, delivering complete contract compliance and maximizing reimbursement


Access to a robust international payer database with HIPAA, HITECH and ISO compliant financial software enhancing claims transparency and providing in-depth contracted and non-contracted payer performance analytics

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Sunbelt International provides superior patient and third-party payer recovery services to providers around the globe at cost effective rates.